Monday, October 6, 2008

Is Sarah Palin firing her Body Language consultant?

Sarah Palin apparently winked one too many times at the Veep debate (or five, according to some pundits. The uptight ones may have even said six!) Come on, give the old girl a break! It's all the consultant's fault. I am sure she has on staff many different kinds of consultants: one for Body Language, one for Image, one for Fashion, one for Hair Styles (ok, maybe not this one), one for Diction, and oh, I won't be surprised if they have hired her an acting coach. It is important to get those important stage pauses just right. It is their job, not hers, to convince us that Sarah is right for the job. To be the Veep of the US of A. (May I call you Sarah?)

There are two things I want to point out in defence of Sarah's Winkgate:

1. All the consultants do this. Real-life experience, mine nonetheless! Wowyee! Business Consultants that I used to work with have honed this skill to an art form. I am convinced that they teach you this at B-School, after you take The Intro to Effective Networking and How to Rate Each Person by their Network Worth that You Will Ever Meet for the Rest of Your Life. The higher their position, the more they wink at ya. Like so many have discussed, this is truly deemed as a quick and easy way to say, "Hey, I am one of you! We are all in this together!" Works wonders when you go into a client's office to be the "Two Bobs" (seen Office Space?) and need to gain trust quickly.

2. Old women do this all the time. Old women who know that they've still got it at least. Or who THINK they've still got it...

Note to Self: Do not EVER EVER pull the "Consultant Wink" again. See #2...

Now, how come there's no post out there discussing the lipstick color she used for the Veep Debate? Or is the mentioning of "lipstick" completely banned from this presidential campaign on both sides? Jeez.


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