Saturday, February 28, 2009

A flower for Joey Roth, the designer of Sorapot

Humbleville, Interweb - Local woman awoken from her solipsistic stupor by designer's sincere, genuine interest in feedback of his creation. Submom received a wake-up call when designer Joey Roth replied directly to her random vent of his creation, Sorapot. When asked to reflect more carefully, Submom admitted that she DID enjoy watching the Chinese flower tea bloom in front of her eyes inside the ingeniously designed Sorapot, when she had time to do so. "The last time I remember when I was able to sit down and relax was the day after Christmas. I have been on my feet ever since." Her defense for her unfair criticism? "I only have one hand now because of my Twitter thumb, and I was getting frustrated last night because you cannot disassemble this teapot with only one hand!" Submom vowed to refrain from being a spoiled bitch, and to stop and smell, eh, drink the flowers. She compared Mr. Roth's reaction to her complaints to the likes carried out by "Lands' End who has my undying loyalty as a customer." After a pause, Submom said quietly, "Honestly? I didn't think that an artist living in NYC would care about the feelings of a suburban mom. We must seem like philistines..."

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