Monday, March 30, 2009

We got a picture of Chairman Mao @ Tian An Men

Because my kid said, "I know him, he is famous! Andy Warhol painted that picture!"

Looking at Tian An Men square. Because it is on a Saturday morning, the crowd is larger than usual. The entire square is covered with people. Being there with two kids by myself, I didn't even attempt going into the Forbidden City that day, which is right behind the picture of Chairman Mao.

Nice view we got by me getting "lost" right outside the Tian An Men area,by walking in the opposite direction. I guess it is nearly impossible to miss the long walls and the crowd, therefore the guard from whom I asked for direction looked so confused. "Tian An Men? You mean the Tian An Men ahead where everybody is walking towards to?"

Oh, yes, that one.


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