Monday, June 8, 2009

I've never got kicked in the head. Is it me? No. It's you.

This morning my youngest was sent to his room for a timeout because he kicked daddy in the head.  Upon further investigation, and actually I witnessed the entire episode, I am not quite sure he deserved the punishment.  
What would a normal healthy human being do when they are being tickled on the feet?  
They kick.
What would happen if you are the one administer the tickling with your head bent towards the said feet?
Your head will be in the path of the kicking feet.  
It is simple physics. 
This incident makes me ponder why, compared to my spouse, I am seldom "hurt" by the children. 
It is true I do not roughhouse with the kids.  It's a daddy thing.  I tend to get the crying, hungry, wounded, tired, cranky, punished kids, whereas my husband gets the happy, tussling ones.  That's why I tend to get the crying, hungry, wounded, tired, cranky, punished kids.  Tis a vicious cycle. I am seeing a pattern now. 
It is also true that I realize everybody's limits and I stop as soon as I see that the kids are being whipped into a frenzy, and if you continue to sit on them, for instance, their survival instinct would kick in and they would use all the little strength they have to fight back, and you get hurt. 
AND, let it be known, TICKLING IS BULLYING.  If someone is laughing against their will, then they are NOT having fun. 
Yes. I am the FUN KILLER.  But, let it also be known, I have never been kicked in the head by my kids. 


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