Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now that's customer service!

(Bless the investigative reporter's heart: at first glance, I thought this map was used for some sort of military reconnaissance maneuvering!)
I am glad to finally read a report on excellent customer service provided by cellphone providers. Seriously, aren't you tired too about all the bad press endured by these companies? This story just proved that, yes they can, if they just put their mind to it, make sure that you can use your cellphone in your darn backyard, even if yours is a 15-acre ranch...
From Washington Post Exclusive: Verizon and AT&T Provided Cell Towers for McCain Ranch

My friend Joe (no relation to Joe the Plumber: and speaking of plumber, I am so glad that Joe is not a carpenter, because that would just be too allegorical, too weird, wouldn't it?) complains about the lack of cellphone reception in his own house. Because the phone is provided and paid for by his company, he reasoned, "Well, I can't really go about getting a new phone, now, can I? That would just be stupid, not taking advantage of the company-paid phone. I think I may have to move into a new house!"

Joe, I want to let you know: there is hope for ya yet! (Again, I am speaking to Joe who is not the Plumber mentioned in the debate 2 dozen times last night. It just happens to be an all-American name. How lucky for the candidates that it is catchy too...)

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