Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will "Irresponsible Homeowners" step out of the room so we can all move on?

So the Treasury Department today released the details for HARP "Home Affordable Refinance Program" & HAMP "Home Affordable Modification Program". The title of this press release is "Relief for Responsible Homeowners".

Drum roll please... Apparently, the plan is NOT going to be able to save EVERYBODY. (Actually, the number given today is 7 to 9 million homeowners). To emphasize, the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs gave this simple message:

"This is not going to save every person's home."

OMG! We didn't expect that!

Sarcasm aside, there have been understandably a lot of cries of "What about me?" all over the country.

In order to make folks feel better, Mr. Gibbs said, according to Kai Ryssdal on Marketplace, "people who bought homes they clearly could never afford won't get help."

So my question once again is: how are you going to prove and enforce that?

Being a visual person, this is how I envision the scene inside my head:

(In contrast to the Nextel commercial shown here)

Chairperson: Will the Irresponsible Homeowners please stand up and get out of the room so we can all move on?

Cricket chirping.

Chairperson: Anybody? Bueller?

Homeowners look at each other angrily.

Chairperson: Nobody?

Now, this is a commercial that Nextel will not be making. Ever.

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