Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I feel empathy for the mom in the Fudge series!

I've read the series of books by Judy Blume a long time ago. We recently picked up a copy of Double Fudge from a garage sale and I started reading it to my youngest this weekend, one chapter at a time. The more we read, the more it became surreal to me: Peter and Fudge are almost like my two boys!

I wonder now whether many many moms feel the same way out there. If that's the case, then Wunderbar! That means I am not alone in this!

I couldn't really tell what my 5 year-old was thinking when he was listening to the antics by another 5 year-old narrated by the older brother. Was he thinking, "Oh, that tantrum at the shoestore bit sounds really cool. Maybe I should try it next time... [Key internal evil laughter: Bwahahahah...]" Hopefully he was thinking, "Oh, what a disgrace to all 5 year-olds around the world! I certainly would not behave this way even if given the chance! [Key more internal evil laughter: Bwahahahah... you wish!]"

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