Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interview of the Obamas on 60 Minutes

I just realized this: Barack Obama will be a work-from-home-dad with a big-old office at home!

Thanks to CBS for putting the entire video section on the Interweb!

I watched again the section when they talked about transitions ahead for them as a family.

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They are such a happy, beautiful family. And surprisingly normal. (e.g. the two of them bantered, joked, poked fun at each other on camera). One of their biggest worries has got to be how to stay "normal" for the family, esp. for the two young girls.

Michelle Obama said that the next day after election night, when they were walking the kids to the school, people were lined up and cheering for them. Malia commented, "Now that's embarrassing!" What a candid moment that speaks volumes...

And, this man does the dishes AND the laundry when he's home! Now I am going to cut out the newspaper clipping and post it to the fridge. Yeah, I will see what excuses my husband can come up this time that could trump this!

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