Monday, March 30, 2009

The Great Wall was my great slide. WEAR GOOD SHOES! How come nobody tells you that?

These picture shows the slippery slope up the Great Wall. It was snowing and bitterly cold when we were up there. We couldn't even walk up to the very top of this section of the Great Wall. My 6 yo ran up and couldn't get down on his own. So I had to pull myself up along the railing, and then slid down the middle of the wall on my behind with my 6 yo doing the same ahead of me. It was so slippery that even sitting on the seat of my jeans, I still needed to try and grab the surface with my gloved hands and shoes as much as I could to stop myself from sliding all the way down to the landing.

People were laughing but probably also envying my courage in making a fool of myself. LOL.

So many people were wearing suits and dress shoes. And we even saw women in high heels. I cannot even imagine how they got where they were in those!


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