Friday, June 12, 2009

How I got a girl night out, OR I walked out of the house Part I

First of all, I am typing this out on my iPhone which does not have a SIM inside a Starbucks. A hip & happening one, not like the one at my train station.

What is up with people being young and cool and happy and beautiful and hanging out and happy and talking and laughing and no children in sight and happy...

Anyway, I seem to be the only person here alone and typing on my iPhone AND Blackberry. Trying to compose a blog entry. Struggling with tiny letters and resulting typos. Wishing I had a book with me.

So it all started from La Bamba downtown which has the burritos as big as your head. It's true: it's their tag line. I went there for lunch today. This was a restaurant that my husband and I loved when we were still at school. There was one on campus. We didn't know it's a
chain... Till recently. So I went to the La Bamba downtown for lunch and was very excited. They have their 20 year anniversary bobblehead "doll" for sale. Ok, it's not a doll. It's the Burrito Man. I thought,

"Wow. That would be cool for Father's Day!"

My co-worker who usually thinks I am a crazy ass spaz actually agreed this time.

"I would think it's cool shit if someone gives me that for Father's Day!"

As Murphy's Law would have it, because I had set up my mind to give it to husb tonight, can't wait for another week, I forgot it as I was rushing for the train home. I made the split second decision to go back to the office to get Burrito Man and take a later train...

When I finally got off the train and got to my car, it's already 6:15, and daycare closes at 6:30. I called husb just in case he had got the boy. I know a phone call from me that close to "deadline" is going to put him on alert and defense, so I softened my approach,

"Hi, I was just calling IN CASE you have got CHILD..."

"No." Brusquely. "You are supposed to get him." and then,

"B-y-e." like he couldn't be bothered with.

My temper flared, after my softened approach backfired. Before I hung up, "You are an asshole!" I yelled into the phone...


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