Monday, June 22, 2009

Now the Fedora is gone, we are into Berets...

For the longest time my youngest had a Fedora, and he did wear it throughout the last winter despite my initial prediction that it would only last one week. It was adorable when he tipped his hat to greet the ladies,
"How'd you do, Ma'am?"
You are allowed to do all these things when you are only 5 or 6. Even wearing a beret...
Since we left our fedora behind on our trip to Taiwan, Mr. Monk has been on my case of getting him a replacement. Recently, he started a campaign of acquiring a beret.
"Mom. I want to be an artist when I grow up. How am I going to be an artist if I don't have an artist's hat?"
Finally I capitulated since I did not want to be the mother who stifles her children's artistic aspirations. Thank goodness we found one on for $5 that he deemed acceptable.
Now he has been wearing that hat every single day. At first he also insisted on wearing his black turtleneck, complete with a plastic, colorful, "pipe" that came with the "bubble blowing kit".
Like I said, when you are 6, you get to do all these role-playing make-believe things, even in public.
I did finally put my foot down and said NO! to the turtlenecks when it was so hot this weekend that his face was all red from the heat...

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