Thursday, August 6, 2009

Armageddon is here: Twitter is down and Fail Whale is not even there?!

I can't believe I am saying this, but I wish Fail Whale will come back soon!

We miss you, Fail Whale! We will never been mean to you and call you names again! Just come back!! You are so much better than a lot of other scenarios, we have now realized!

So... by now you have heard, or tweeted, oh, no, NOT tweeted, but left frantic comments on or or other websites where Social Media lovers hang out, after they have tweeted and Facebooked their hearts out, but still have something more to say.

Mashable is keeping a tab on the impending doom of humanity through this post:

Facebook Down. Twitter Down. Social Media Meltdown.

Thanks to our friend with the impossibly high cheekbones (I will need to write a blog about these cheekbones one day. I wonder whether it can cut through a piece of tissue? And what's up with the oh-so-appropriate and I-wish-my-dad-had-the-same last name, CASHMORE? Luck of the draw, I guess. But isn't illegal in the cosmic sense to be lucky in both the departments of Cheekbones and Family Names?), we have been kept abreast with the development of Armageddon in the making:

Twitter Down Due to Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)

Now, my friend, is the time to panic!!!!!!! The sky is falling. The sky is falling!!

The sudden influx of Twitter refugees to Facebook site, wherelse are we going to post constant updates and complain about our frustrations that Twitter is DOWN, and also to strive to be the first ones to announce the DDoS attack on Twitter? has caused Facebook to go down as well.

The cyber terrorists could not have planned it better.

So now people, with their usual outlets having disappeared, have flocked to Mashable and Techcrunch to share their glib comments. On the one Techcrunch post, there are now more than 400 comments. And several Mashable posts dedicated to "Twitter Down!" have also received hundreds of comments. Most of them are like this:

"Yup. Still down."

(Thank you very much. Otherwise I would not have been able to find out on my own!!!!)

It has also become a fun sport to ponder who the Cyber attacker(s) may be:

Hugo Chavez? Iran? The Vatican?

My bet is on The Birthers, who are mad as hell because we all made fun of them mercilessly on Twitter. (Even Ann Coulter made fun of them, which made me feel kind of sorry for Birthers...)

But without Twitter as the forum, AND without the appropriate HASHTAGS #TwitterDown #DOS #WHOISBEHINDTHIS #TWITTERDDOS, the "Who Done It" game is just NOT the same...

By now some of us have gotten a rude awakening: Just how much YOU ARE obsessed with Twitter. Like the required cup of morning coffee.


Speaking of coffee, I think I am heading downstairs to Starbucks so I can talk to random strangers about this new social phenomenon called "Life Without Twitter"... And also get myself a cup of coffee while I am at it.

p.s. F*ck it! I knew it! As soon as I clicked on "Publish Post", Twitter came back. Great. Now I just seem more a dweeb than I actually already am by publishing this AFTER THE EFFECT. Stupid Twitter...

p.p.s. I take it back. I love you Twitter. Don't ever leave me like that again, ok?

p.p.p.s. Ooops. No. Twitter is STILL down. Yes! ... Oh. No. *sobs* Come back!

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Blogger Robin said...

I'm lost here in my little closed off world. I can't get any Facebook at all, except updates but I can't reply. The only app I can use to use with twitter and facebook is not working. I'm sending tweets desperately through my phone but have no idea if they went through. I feel so lost, is there anything left for me?

August 6, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

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